Monday, November 25, 2013

My Response to "Why Men Say They’ll Call But Never Do |"

My relationships always started as a new friendship with a man I met through someone else I knew that turned into romance, so the "I'll call you" line wasn't usually an issue. 

However, if I had dated a complete stranger, I'd rather he not say, "'I'll call you." Why can't he just say, "Goodnight" or "I had a great time" and just leave it at that? Then I can reply, "I had a great time, too." And then also say "Goodnight." It's as simple as that. 

Just sayin' men, and this is coming from a woman who somehow got a man to propose without really feeling like I had to "push" him to do it. :) I think if men and women are both just straightforward, it makes the entire dating game either. Then again, I'm really not the type of person who'd care about sparing someone's feelings. Why waste anyone's time? I don't! 

"But I'll Never See Her Again Anyway."

Concerning the issue of saying you'll call her and then don't: How do you know you'll never see her again. Maybe fate will push you to face your broken promises head on at a local grocery store or worse yet the same old bar. Yes, there's a lot of crazy women out there, but don't let those few females ruin it for the good-hearted honest women in this world -- even if you're not usually into sane women!

Why Men Say They’ll Call But Never Do |

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