Monday, October 7, 2013

Four Things a Woman Doesn't Want in a Nice Guy

Most people search for the most healthy relationship possible. In the process, some men do all they can to "look good on paper" but still lack the fuel that ignites a spark in a female date. 

Many men out there have a steady job, would do anything for a woman such as open car doors or buy her flowers, have a sizable sum of money set aside for an engagement ring, but they are often still as uninteresting as hell. 

Oh, and I also should mention that they would never cheat or lie and would never physically strike a woman or try to tell her who she can and cannot see. Still, something is missing. 

When dating, there's clearly four things a woman doesn't want in a nice guy:
  1. No social skills
  2. No interesting things to say
  3. No autonomy
  4. No fun
Seriously, some guys (no offense) need to get a clue: