Sunday, September 29, 2013

Six Things Single Women Hate to Hear (And What to do about It)

If you're an adult single woman who has been dating for at least a few years, you probably heard many seemingly legitimate breakup excuses -- things single women don't want to ever hear. 

Of course, the hardest one to argue with is a guy saying he's gay or not attracted to you. Even if he's just lying just to blow you off, these "not attracted to you" excuses can hardly be refuted.

However, the other categories of excuses such as "you deserve better" or "I want to be with you but I'm married" are the kinds of things guys usually tell a woman if all he wants is sex -- and it may be true but it doesn't make the situation hurt any less. 

Oh, and then there's the brand of excuses offered by men who are "afraid of getting hurt," "not over my ex," or "just got out of a serious relationship." It's a miracle anyone finds the one these days with all these reasons not to be together that men give. 

So what do women do about these breakup excuses?

Unless you want to almost guarantee you'll be almost 40 and single like I am (or on the verge of settling with someone you don't feel "head over heals in love with"), don't let these excuses hold you back. Also, don't sit around waiting for a guy to change his mind, because you could be waiting until you're almost too old to have children for him to come around. 

Unless you're 100% convinced he's the one and it's destiny seriously, for your own good, go to a sperm bank or adopt if necessary but move on!

Oh, and don't ever waste your time bending over to compromise for him. When you do this, all it does is give him more power to trap you in a perpetual friends-with-benefits situation. 

If he can get you to think all your relationship problems are "your fault," then he has already won. Don't give him the upper hand. Move on.