Sunday, July 21, 2013

What Fresh Set Of Lies From Hell Do Men Tell Now?

"I Love You" Isn't The Only Lie Men Tell

The worst lie ever told to me was "I Love You" by a guy who handed me a romantic card after talking to me for only 20 minutes his entire life. I also had guys tell me "Lemme take care of you" or "I want to marry you" or "don't worry about money." 

What Fresh Set Of Sweet Little Lies From Hell Are These Anyway?

Can someone please explain to me how a guy can say these things and then party his @ss off for months when he's supposed to be looking for a job? Of course, then the person's unemployment might right out and then what? Even if the person gets money from his mom every time he asks, how much respect can I have for a person who just likes and acts irresponsibly?

I swear I check the I.D.'s of the men I date and I thought they were adults when I first started seeing them -- and which one of them am I talking about now?

Any one of them who spent more money on video games, cigarettes, beer or pot than he ever did on me is whom. He often portrays himself as a gentle, loving person when I first meet him but usually ends up later presenting himself as the horny devil -- pun intended. However, I give the devil -- *cough* the guys I dated -- a lot of credit for one thing: that they really know how to fool women with all the sweet little lies I mentioned.

These lies are why I wish I would've never gave it up before I was married -- even if I didn't want to become a 30 year old virgin (and am NOT gay).

The main reason I ever decided to give up my virginity at age 29 was because I didn't think I was ever going to get married. I felt incredibly abnormal telling people how old I was and still never yet having sex. And of course, like far more than ten percent of society these days, I feel into the faddish trap of wondering at one point if I was just gay.

However, that was also another lie implanted into me by some horny guy who didn't want to wait until after we signed the marriage license. (Unlike the lies guys have tole me, this actually is true.) I am not gay! I should know! It's my body!

Could I ever believe a guy I have feelings for loves me?

I probably could. Does he have to be perfect? No, but it would be nice if he made responsible decisions more than fifty percent of the time! If I could only be with someone who made the right choices at least eighty to ninety percent of the time. That, would be a slice of heaven to take me out of sweet, fresh hell.