Saturday, July 6, 2013

Regarding Single Dad Issues: I Understand, But No Longer Care

Single dads used to suck me into their drama without even so much as even the littlest amount of compassion at times. Do you think I'm exaggerating? If so, just try me. 

I upset one person I used to care about a lot---and unfortunately may always love even though I'd like to put him out of my mind for good! I realize I conveyed a strong message that he easily could've construed as way too harsh. However, I (almost) don't regret saying what I said--and I seriously hope to God that man still reads my blog!

That way, he'll FINALLY realize what I as a single woman had to deal with concerning every single dad I ever dated...

Regarding single dads and their drama, I made up a new Internet acronym---so I thought--NMFP...

But actually I just Googled it and it appears in sources already. Bummer, because I wanted to take credit for this. LOL 

Anyway, all the drama that single dads try to get me to take on from them is seriously this:


In other words, it's not my f*cking problem!!

I can explain more so you all don't view me as some totally insensitive, sociopathic Bi-otch:

My Personal Single-Dad Dating Story

Like I told one person I really always cared about, it's usually the same story--only right now I'm using a bit more colorful language:

It's always about some "b*tch I gave everything to" and those were usually the man's exact words when referring to some cheating ex. If not his exact words, it was the general implication. I get it. You loved her and she ripped your heart out. So now what?

Is it my fault she cheated on you?? 

No, and you know why? Even in a time when homosexuality is perfectly acceptable, I'm not the one she cheated on you with!!!! So why give me a hard time about it?? Why should I even care?? Believe me, I would show more compassion toward a man like this if he had the DECENCY to NOT make me the BRUNT of his issues!!!!!

However, not a single one of the needy, desperate men who wanted to turn for me for comfort even understand. They treated me like some random piece of crap just because I'M NOT HER!! How fair is that??

Not very as far as I'm concerned! 

Here's the worst part of the story:

Nobody has ANY idea how often I was treated like a dried-out piece of throwaway cow manure just guessed it...I'm NOT HER!!! 

She could've cheated on anyone I cared about eight times but just because I'm NOT HER 

I'm NO GOOD!!! I'm Not good enough!! And...its B.S.!!


Kiss my red, white and spanked American @ss jerks!!!