Monday, July 8, 2013

From Personal Experience: How To Figure Out What He Really Cares About

I start out with my personal story, then digress from that. I do this to help people understand how to find out what really matters to a significant other.

My Story

It's the same old B.S. as last year. He tries to fool me into thinking he gives a crap about me (probably so he can get a piece of @ss), then later runs off with some young girl who smokes pot. He pulls this routine every single time he's out of a supply of weed.

Today, he gave me a huge clue as what he really cares about the most, and I don't think I'm on top of his list. All I had to do is give him an inch of rope and let him hang his d@mned self to find out the truth--and I just don't want to hear it anymore. His famous excuse for doing similar last year was “I didn't know...,” and of course that leads to an excuse to decide it's okay to have no consideration for other people. He seems to think it's okay to just do whatever feels good in the moment without even an inkling of how it will affect another person.

Down To The Last Dollar: How To Tell What Matters To A Person

Watch how the person spends his or her money. What really counts is what they buy when they are down to their last dollar — or maybe down to their last ten or twenty dollars. What do they buy, or what contents account for the majority of their purchases during this time?

Is it food, beer, cigarettes, toilet paper, pot, milk, or some other item? When determining what may be priority for a person, just watch what they purchase. This doesn't reveal the answer every time, but it sure does provide a very substantial clue. We are what we buy when we are down to are last dollar — or few dollars.

So What Does Really Matter?

For everyone, it's different. Some people value making sure the people in their household have food, @ss wipe, or milk. However, other people might thing it's more important to buy the cigarettes, beer, or pot before they by anything else. Just observe a person, and the true answer of what's important to him or her will rise to the surface.

Oh, and My Story's Conclusion

Right now, I'm so angry I just don't even want to hear how his effort to help give a young girl by giving her a ride home ride snowballed into him feeling to compelled to invite her into our house to smoke pot. To me, she's a stranger. I don't know her, and I'm not the kind of person who just lets any random person into my home.

However, apparently this person I'm with who I sometimes think actually cares about me, is. He doesn't seem to care who enters are home — or at least not if she's a single, available, young woman.

I never invited some strange guy I just met into our home, so what makes him think this is okay? I have no idea, but seriously all I knew is he was going to give her a ride, not invite her into our home.

I'm done feeling screwed over. People have to show some consideration for me or I don't really care what their reason is for making the decisions they make. I'll just get the hell out and never look back.