Saturday, June 29, 2013

I Keep My Eye On The Relationship Prize

I try to keep my eye on the relationship prize when feeling discouraged. I have to. Otherwise, I will wind up feeling totally worthless--of no value to anyone. True, I've never been in that steady of a relationship.

However, I also have to remember the kind of people I was with. Every single one of the men I was with were unsure of themselves in some way. They usually latched onto me because they didn't want to be alone. Some of them may have actually had genuine feelings for me. Then again, I sometimes wondered if they have these same feelings for every person they met.

I may have failed so far, and I may never even have a child of my own. It's partly my fault. I didn't accomplish what I set out to do a long time ago--prove that I'm good enough. Still, I can't take my eye off the relationship prize. Some day I will have a happy relationship.