Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Not That I Have to Explain Myself But...

Not that I have to explain myself, but in case anyone is wondering the real reason why I am now 39 years old and still single. Well, one reason may be because I really do enjoy venting on this blog and if I were in a happy relationship with a stable person what would I have to complain about? Writing this blog would no longer be fun, would it?

But the other reason is...

I dated a lot of men who may either not want to live the kind of lifestyle I want to live (quiet and boring instead of loud and obnoxious), or they wanted something else.

The something else they usually want is this (and it's not always just sex or even sex at all believe it or not):

What many men wanted from me is to accept the fact that they can "never give me what I want but I should just accept that and maybe some day in the very distant future we can get married."

(And, mind you, I really was not much of the kind of person who wanted to pressure a man into getting married unless we were already engaged for the fourth or fifth time and I was trying to talk him out of calling it off--again.)

And the thing that I want would probably have been just to know that that one of the persons I dated at least to be able to love me like he loved his ex. Like I said in another blog post, "is that too much to ask?" Is it really too much to ask for God to just allow me to have feelings for someone who also actually wants to be with me?? And not just try to make a life with me and/or make plans to marry me just to prove he's "something" to someone else he loved?? Is that really too much to ask from God??

So What?

Dating men with unresolved issues specifically with their previous significant others is very hard, and lately I just have my own problems to resolve. I don't want to expend any more time and energy on dead-end relationships any more, plus I have a life to live. I no longer am going to waste the precious time on this earth catering to a man who can't even meet me at least somewhat close to halfway emotionally.

After all, it's not my fault his ex cheated on him.