Monday, September 24, 2012

Temporarily Feeling Sorry For Myself

Usually when I think of my past relationships I usually have this "kiss my @ss" attitude, meaning if one guy or another didn't think I was good enough then "screw 'em" or better yet just tell him to go screw himself.

However, that's not how I feel tonight. I feel both sad and lonely for the first time in quite some time. I'm embarrassed to even admit how old I am and to have had so many failed relationships (late 30s).

It's not like I never dated nice guys, which to me means a guy who is there for me and accepts my faults and doesn't judge.

I have. I just wish I could actually fall in love with a nice guy instead of all the "bad boys."

The sad thing is...

There was a time in my life there was a person who I thought really was a nice guy, and he was at the time. Too bad he's a jerk now.

I just hope the one is NOT anyone I know now or at least NOT one of my exes!