Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Reason Men Don't Care as Much as Women

Men are always preaching to the women they date about taking it day by day and most of them don't even have a plan as far as their lives and as far as relationships are concerned. At least that is from my point of view.

I think the main reason why is because they are men. They will always have the upper hand no matter what. See, a man can even get fixed so he can't have any more kids and then maybe when he's 40 or 50 years change his mind and decide all of the sudden (usually because of some young woman he just met) he wants to have another kid. 

So, then what he can do is drop the woman he's with that may be too old to have kids and run off with the young one. It's just not fair. This is the main reason why I'm mad at God right now. Why did he give men the upper hand? It's just not right and it's just not fair. 

I have nothing that gives me any power over them. They are always the one with the upper hand, and I just think it plain sucks if you ask me!

I'm saying this because...

When it's too late for a woman it's just too late. She doesn't have until she's 50, 60, or even 70 years old. When it's too late for her it's just too late and that's it! Men don't seem to understand that at all. 

And men should appreciate me more...

Because I've never really been some baby-hungry woman myself. Still, even then I don't have the upper hand because they probably just know better. Deep down they know that some day they will actually feel better about themselves in such a way that I will no longer be good enough for them. Then what?

Drop me for some young one who still can have kids and I can't! I guess that's why trust is so important. I need to be with someone I can trust.


I want to add that I don't hate all young women. Many of them are very respectable and responsible. I just wouldn't like any of the ones who would ever try to take my man away from me.