Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hi, From Lester (Yes, a Guy....But a Nice One...:)

Hi, I will be one of the male authors contributing to this Dump that Jerk blog. I've been the nice guy who always finished last until I met the woman I am with now. We are talking about getting married at some point.

I'm here to help defend women who have been treated poorly or just women who've been taken for granted. I never wanted to take advantage of any woman myself. I always tried to just be genuine and not let her think that it is more than what it is.

In other words, if I wasn't ready for a serious relationship for one or more reasons (usually planning to relocate for school) I would let her know. I think it's dishonest to just hook up with a woman and not let her know your true intentions.

I also will be commenting on various entries on this blog in ways that I hope would help clear up misunderstandings that often occur between men and women. My goal is to be more of a help than a hurt to you ladies-and to some men. Thank you for inviting me to be a part of this blog.

One thing I can tell you for now:

Nice, honest men who do not want to hurt women have it just as rough as the guys who have been burnt by their exes. Men and women are looking for more of the same thing than people realize.