Thursday, April 26, 2012

The D*ck Wants what the D*ck Wants

I have no intention of ever pining over anyone who doesn’t deserve women to be obsessing over him. However, letting go often is a process.

I just need to say one thing to make my self feel better. I referred to a person in other posts as someone who told me I wasn’t what he was “looking for mentally or physically.” The only thing I have to say to that is, that is the most creative, evil form of “I’m not attracted to you anymore” that I’ve ever heard.

There’s only one more thing I want to add to that…

The D*ck wants what the d*ck wants.

And of course he was not attracted to me anymore. You know why? It’s simple!

The answer is…he wasn’t attracted to me anymore because…

He could actually finally have me if he wanted to!

I was actually free to be with him at the time he finally found out I still had feelings for him. But apparently me being available finally was too much for him.

I know this routine, because I’ve been through this with men time and time again. Once they finally have me they don’t want me anymore (and I refuse to believe it’s all my fault)!!!

Oh…but we haven’t barely spoken to each other for several months, and because of that…

I bet he’s attracted to me know-only because he can’t have me.

I thought about trying to find out the truth about what is really wrong with him/what he ever really wanted from me but…

I’m just simply too old for empty words and lies, and don’t think I could ever believe a single word he says to me anyway. I’ve heard enough from men. Right now I’m with someone who actually wants me around and I have no intention of giving that up any time soon for someone who wants to play games.

 (Oh, and in case any one of my exes are wondering, YES the person I’m with now really is a man!!! Regardless of how gay you ever thought I was just because at one time I thought I wanted to wait until marriage for sex.)