Saturday, March 10, 2012

Yes, Some Men Really Are That Shallow

I observe how some men are. They naturally flock to the women that are by society standards considered to be the most physically attractive on the outside. They want the Playboy models or the celebrity faces and they want all that glamour. They would do anything for a woman like that-some men.

(On the other hand, please read clarification about physical beauty at the end of this post. I try not to make stereotypes about beautiful women either. Please scroll down to end of this blog post to view.)

I call these types of men who seek after physical beauty only ‘Shallow Hals.’ Shallow Hal was a person who was not really all that much in physical shape but he expected the women he dates to be. That is, until he had an inner transformation that made him realize there is more to life than physical beauty.

I would never want to deal with a person who is as superficial as this. Who does he think he is? On the other hand if the woman with the perfect body is what he wants then maybe he should work out more. That way, he wouldn’t seem like such a hypocrite.

Me on the other hand, I just want to be with a person who shows some signs of self-respect and self-care but I don’t expect the person to be perfect. I don’t expect them to be perfect on the inside or outside. I just want him to love me.

One Important Clarification (About Physical Beauty, Women)

I should also clear up a misconception. Not all women who are by society’s standards that are beautiful on the outside are shallow. That is not what I’m trying to say either. Many pretty women are also very genuine people and many of them are also very friendly and down to earth. These, of course, would be the hardest ones for me to compete with.

Still, I would like to have a chance over some of the ones that might be beautiful on the outside but have not much to offer otherwise. I would like to think at least I can have a chance over some of those type of women. I am who I am and just want to be with a person who can accept me that way.