Saturday, March 10, 2012

To the Ones Who Say, “I Can’t Give you What You Need”

I had a thought just now. It’s in response to people who say to a woman, “I can’t give you what you need.” Yet, they don’t have any response when I ask them what exactly they think I need.

As far as “what I need” I need respect. If a man cannot give me some signs that he pays basic human respect to womankind then of course he can’t give me what I need! Other than that, it is all in his own head and it is his own inferiority complex that makes him think he can’t give me what I need.

As far as anything else besides the smallest shred of respect and regard as a person, I honestly don’t need much else from a man. I thought I proved that by spending so many years as a single person. (I never saw much point in getting used to having a fickle man around because he will be gone next week, two weeks from now-or by next month. If not, at least by the month after that. )

SmileOh, I suppose there is only really one other thing I “need” besides respect. It does help to know if a person really does want to be with me and not just when he feels it is convenient for him. That is always a plus too. Therefore, I guess beside respect I need security, but most of all just a little bit of respect.

Oh, and of course it would be nice to know if he really does love me. That helps too. (By the way, it's not that hard to tell of a man really loves a woman. it's in both his words and actions, not just one or the other. Another explanation for another time.)