Friday, March 23, 2012

No Longer Feel Obligated to be “The Friend”

I am somewhat friends with some of my exes-at least as close to being friends with them as possible. However, I no longer feel obligated to be “the friend” to whatever guy rejects me this time. Forget it. If I hadn’t taken my counselor’s advice when I was 19 I would’ve been married a long time ago probably.

She told me I need to learn how to be friends with guys. Oh, I learned how to do that alright! I learned that skill so well they end up marrying other women! So you know what? Gone are the days when I’m willing to be “just friends” to a guy who shows interest in me-unless of course I’m already dating someone. LOL

Oh, and I’m also not willing to be the friend to men who have issues with exes-not over them. I’m tired of hanging onto something that may never be.