Saturday, March 10, 2012

Men, When Are They Honest? (At What Point in a Relationship)

I wonder sometimes with men. They claim to be such honest people. However, I wonder when are they really honest? Do they wait until after than have slept with a woman to start opening up to her and being honest with what’s going on in his life?

I am asking because I wished that one man in particular would’ve been a little bit more clear about pressing issues he had before he and I ever were involved. I felt like I was lied to and the worst part about it is it turned out to be the exact same issues that the ex I had before him struggled with, and this new person new it!

My Advice to Men!

It would just be nice if more men would be nice enough to be honest before they get a woman in bed and not after. I don’t think they have to tell every single aspect of their lives but they should at least alert a woman if he has pressing issues that would make it tough for him to be in a serious relationship right this second.

I think more women would have more respect for more men if more men would be honest at the right time not the wrong time. Not after but before they seduce her! Men who hide what’s really going on so they can get a piece are just simply not the type of men I can ever respect.

(The end of this post also explains why I sometimes regret ever giving myself to any man before marriage in the first place.)

My Course of Action

I had just been burnt way too many times by men who hide what’s really going on in their lives. I think I have the right to know what I am getting myself into before I get to attached. It’s only fair.

Therefore, I have lately asked men some very important questions before I even think of dating him. And in the process if they appear squeamish as if they can’t even give me a straight answer then I need to move on. I deserve to be happy too and to be with someone who is ready for me.

By the Way...What Regret is Upon Me...

The way men hide information about themselves to get what they want makes me with I would've stuck to never having sex unless I was married. However, it's too late now and all I can do now is muster up enough self-respect to at least know what I am in for before I commit to a man.