Wednesday, March 21, 2012

He Better Be Right This Time!

If I see him again and he tells me he has really met “the one” he best better be right this time. The main reason why is, I’m not going to be waiting in the wings to snatch him up like a desperate vulture if he is wrong. I been there done that once and regret it, and will never do it again.

If one certain man I know thinks he’s met “the one” I would actually be shocked, to tell you the truth. I know this individual as one who never could make a commitment to a woman ever. Now all of the sudden he’s met the one?? LOL It makes me laugh and cry at the same time.

It makes me laugh because from what I know of this person I highly doubt it. It makes me cry though because if he really has actually met the one this time I would be at least a little sad. I guess I must have some faith in this person if he supposedly had met the one.

Like I said, he better be right this time. I’m not going to be there for him if he’s wrong again. I’m going to find my own happiness. I don’t need him. I suppose though I should have at least a little bit of faith in this person, because if I don’t maybe I won’t ever meet the one either. I used to believe in it and now I highly doubt there even is a such thing, but I haven’t completely given up hope at least.

And I’m not going to blame myself that I’m not sure I have met the one yet. It’s not entirely my fault my relationships didn’t work out!