Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Timing is Everything When Meeting Someone

I sometimes get frustrated when I start to have feelings for someone and then I find out it may not go any further than just good friends who date-no marriage, house, kids, dogs, etc. It can be a let-down especially when you are hoping you finally met the one. 

However, sometimes I realize it is not always the other person’s fault and it’s also not always my fault. Sometimes I have to blame it on destiny. I know, because it’s happened to me way too many times. 

It is the “right relationship but wrong time” syndrome in many cases. I’m saying this because I realize now why people say hurtful things to one another in relationships. It’s more often than not because of the frustration that the relationship can’t be what one or both of the persons wants it to be right now. In the future there may be a chance, but that isn’t even a guarantee. 

In my case, I’ve always it extremely frustrating-having to hang on to the hope that months, years, or never it could be “meant to be.” If that isn’t enough, I wonder why God would even allow me to have feelings for people who aren’t even right for me, or to have feelings for anyone at all if He didn’t think it was the right time for me to get married. 

How long does he expect single people to be alone? How long does he expect singles to wait around for a person who isn’t ready for a relationship or can’t be in a relationship right this second? Why can’t the right person just show up at the right time? Why couldn’t we just have had feelings for “the one” and not a dozen others before and/or after we meet the one? Why not? 

I mean, I read all those relationship books about how you shouldn’t get too attached until you are “emotionally, financially, and spiritually stable.” What a joke all that material was, honestly! That is my opinion. I wish I would’ve never even read those books.

If I hadn’t I would’ve just lived my live and made my own mistakes rather than being dictated be man-made reading material. Most single people get married far before their ready, and I finally understand why. No one wants to be alone for the rest of their lives, so even if they don’t have it all together they get married.

On the other hand, I put off getting married because I wanted to be different. I wanted to be better than that-getting married before I was ready, and I didn’t even mind being single. After all, getting married is a huge commitment. 

Still, not being ready for marriage does NOT stop a person from having feelings. You can’t help who you love even if that person is wrong for you. I tried not to fall in love, but one person or another always slipped through the cracks, and it always lead to a frustrating breakup. 

What’s the point? I suppose there is lessons to be learned from each failed relationship. However, enough is enough after awhile. Why is it even necessary to go through all that? Still, I can’t deny that timing is everything when it comes to relationships and whether or not they will work out.