Thursday, December 1, 2011

Run of the Mill Jerk Personal Ad #15: My Money Should Be Enough for Her...

This is the kind of ad that perhaps should be written by an older gentleman who wants to buy the affection and company of a younger woman. It's not even about buying love and its not about buying sex either. It is about using money to control that woman who might become financially dependent on him and feel too trapped to seek out true love. See below.

Run of the Mill Jerk Personal Ad #13

Run of the mill jerk looking for a woman who thinks he is a great catch because he's willing to bail her out financially whenever she needs it. I'm a great catch because I'm financially stable, but never mind the fact that I have no love to give or nothing else to offer a woman emotionally.

I am willing to give her cash as a gift and never want to be seen in public with her or never want to have to take her out. I will be willing to do overnights with a rented DVD once in awhile at my place, but I am in no way ever going to show up where she lives. Her life is boring, and this relationship is meant to be all about me and my needs, not at all about hers.