Sunday, December 4, 2011

I Never Wanted to be the Damsel in Distress

For awhile (and even now) I'm wanting to feel more sure of my own financial situation. I realize some guys like the damsel in distress but I believe any woman with any amount of self-respect would have her own money.

That way, she knows in her heart she is with a man because she wants to be, not because of his money. I personally haven't believed in Prince Charming since approximately age seven and a half anyway.

I don't even want Prince Charming because I've actually been with that type. They are annoying. Oftentimes they say and do all the right things but they know very little about other aspects of love.

Romance is a form of love but it's not the only aspect of love that is important to me. Wit and charm and/or even good looks may get a woman to marry a man or it may get her to sleep with him, but it won't make the relationship last.