Saturday, December 3, 2011

How I Cheer Myself Up When Feeling Rejected

If a guy doesn't have feelings for me or is not attracted to me at least I know there are people who are out there that are. Now if I was only more attracted to one of those people-especially more attracted to my current boyfriend. He doesn't reject me. He actually likes me. 

My life would definitely be much easier if I could appreciate what I have right now. I would no longer need the jerks who think they are better than they really are (and I know I am repeating myself). Because then I'd at least have feelings for a person who has feelings for me and doesn't want to leave me.

And if anyone of my jerk exes wants to preach at me about how insecure or needy I supposedly am he can just “stick it.” I don't need anyone that much. I did just fine before meeting anyone I was with and I will do just find without him now.

(But if I have any reason to feel at least a little bit insecure most of my exes are the reason. Most of them actually had the nerve to think they were better than me. Still, I don't think that badly of myself.)

I guess, it would be only fair if I admit one thing though...

I never wanted to be the damsel in distress. I always believed it would be better to know I can fully take care of myself to fully appreciate any man. If a man doesn't understand that then he is the one who is insecure. More about this is in my next post.