Friday, December 2, 2011

The Best Form of Revenge Against My Exes (Not Violence)

Continued from “I'm Sorry for Hurtful Things I've Said...”

The Best Form of Revenge Against My Exes (Not Violence)

The best form of revenge against my exes would be to marry someone twice as good-looking, three times more stable, and four times as rich as all of my exes put together. Yet, that person hopefully will actually really love me enough to want to stay with me unlike any one of the others did. And, hopefully I will genuinely love that person back.

That would teach all my exes who have ever thought I wasn't good enough-or to try to make me feel I wasn't good enough just because they were confused-a lesson. That would make up for all the pain and heartache I ever endured by the people who thought they were better than they were.

I'm trying to forgive and move on. However, I get tired of feeling like other women are better than me. I'm out to show my exes that I am fine just the way I am even if to them I was a worthless piece of crap.