Sunday, November 27, 2011

Run of the Mill Jerk Personal Ad #6: It Must be Entirely on My Terms...

I'm wondering what the ad of a man who puts very little into what is supposed to be a committed relationship would be like. That is, if he were to admit up front that he wants a woman who is willing to accept that he thinks the relationship is all about him. I have my suspicions it could be like what I have presented below.

Run of the Mill Jerk Personal Ad #6

Run of the mill jerk looking for a woman who doesn't mind that I don't want to meet her mom even if she has met mine. I also am seeking a female who never asks me to go to her parent's house for the holidays or never asks me to go to any family occasions.

She's more than welcome to enter my family world though and I welcome any comfort when my life is full of drama. Any comfort she needs will not be reciprocated by me, but she still better not think about dating other people.