Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Run of the Mill Jerk Personal Ad #13: A Low Self-Esteem Is a Plus...

This is probably one of the worst types of jerk personal ads that could be written if a guy was honest to himself and the world about what he wants. He might be looking for love eventually, but not with the person he probably has in his life now who if she new better would realize she is too good for him, not the other way around. Please read the following jerk ad.

Run of the Mill Jerk Personal Ad #13

Run of the mill jerk looking for a woman who has as low of a self-esteem as possible. That way, she will think she is no good and I will never have to look for a new sex partner again. A virgin is a plus. I'm willing to teach her how much of an unworthy person she really is. She will be ruined for other men when she finally gets with me.