Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Men and Love, and How they can Confuse Women

Originally Posted: 3/3/2008    Updated: 10/28/2011

Men think that women are just supposed to trust that the men in their lives love them. However, a majority of the time this is not even the case.

In fact, I myself wonder how a man can know if a woman loves him when he doesn't even know if he does half the time? It baffles me to the extreme.

If you ask a man if he loves you and he cannot respond confidentially with a "yes" then what are women supposed to think? That is what I wonder. I don't like to push a man about the issue too soon, but after almost a year I might.

In the mean time I wonder why some men are so "hot and cold." It could be a trust thing, but as far as I am concerned most women are not out to get a man. Most women do not really care that much about gifts-even if they say they do. They don't even truly care about a man telling him he loves her or not.(At least this is my strong opinion.)

They care about the intent of the words he speaks and the intent of the gifts he gives. With that in mind, I want to say most women are not stupid. They usually have a "hunch" when a man is not totally genuine or passionate when extending his generosity.

One clue may be is if he just gives her money all the time, rather than spending time to pick out a nice gift. A woman just knows if a man is just not that into her, if she is observing him.

Correct me if I am wrong, women, but is it not true? What a woman really wants is to know that a man knows he loves her, but shows it by truly giving from the heart. With this in mind, sometimes it is even the simplest gifts that matter to most. Some men do not seem to understand that.

A woman wants genuine man, so what does this mean?

If he appears to her with lack of total assuredness in any way about his feelings a woman is going to assume the worst-that the man doesn't love her. This may be especially true if he is not enthusiastic about spending much time with her.

Why should she assume any different? I mean...think about it. A woman can give a man the benefit of the doubt. But for how long? One month? Six months? Five years? Until they are too old to have children? Seriously for how long?

Men can confuse a woman if he showers her with nice gifts one week and then the following week doesn't seem to want anything to do with her. There is something to be said for honesty in a relationship. Men, be honest with your selves and with the women in your life and act according to that. If you really don't love her just let her know already so she can find someone who does.

Update to this Post

I used to be more patient with men. I used to be the one who was relaxed about not worrying about ever getting married. However, I thought I should change, but perhaps sometimes I changed to the opposite extreme and felt too anxious.

However, right now I just accept my life for what it is. I am one of the women in the world who doesn't want to rush getting married. It is a huge decision and it should be reserved for if you know for sure the person is "The One" or a person who you know you can stand being with for the rest of your life.