Monday, November 28, 2011

I've Heard That Excuse Before

There is one excuse that I get so sick of when it comes to dating men. The ones who have kids always talk about how they have to be careful who they date because of their kid(s).

From my experience it is a total load of crap. The real reason they think they have to be careful and cautious is usually because of some ex who hurt them. Usually the sob story is that this ex cheated on them.

I used to feel sorry for men like this, and I tried to be patient and understanding. However, after being jerked around by two single dads I'm just not so nice anymore. Nowadays when a guy uses his children as an excuse not to get close to a woman I just think to myself...(and maybe even tell him)...

What about me? Don't I have a right to be happy? 

When is it my turn to get the man who wants to give me everything like he did for his cheating ex? When? When will I ever find anyone who loves me just as much as he loved his former wife or girlfriend? When???

I'm tired of the excuses!

I'm tired of the excuses and I'm tired of being made to feel guilty because I want to be happy, like I'm supposed to stick around for years and years until he is finally over her. I know it's partly my fault because I was told when I was younger not to date someone who talks about their ex all the time.

However, I just couldn't help it. The older I got the more desperate I got because it's hard to find single men around who are emotionally available. I guess it also doesn't help much that I am rarely ever attracted to emotionally available men.

It's hard too. Men who have children to take care of have no idea how hard it is for single women to be a part of their lives knowing some day they may never even get to see those kids again!