Sunday, November 13, 2011

I Was Just One Girl He Never Got a Chance to Nail (But Maybe He'll Get His Chance)

I challenged one of my exes from my distant past. I told asked him to please call me because I “hate texting.” I don't know if he took offense to that but he was filled with excuses about why he couldn't call me. It was usually I'm busy or I'm driving or whatever.

So, after awhile I got the impression I was just one more woman he never go a chance to nail. Only of course I was still a girl when I first met him. I am done being only good enough until someone else comes along, and that pattern started with this individual who was the first person I ever had real feelings for.
In the End...

I really honestly have no clue what he ever really wanted from me. I know at one time all I wanted was just to make amends, but that was back when I thought I was going to be married to someone else.

At any rate, it did sting that maybe all I really was to him was just one more person he never got a chance to nail. Maybe he'll still get his chance though. But I'm a little busy right now. Perhaps after his second or third failed marriage he and I will get together when he can barely get it up.