Thursday, October 27, 2011

Yet One More Breakup: The one Anxious to Get Married

I was dating this guy who I will call Jason, to protect his identity. He seemed overly-anxious to get married because we were in one of those so-called “Christian relationships” where we were trying to hold out until marriage.

He wanted us to make plans in as little time as two weeks after we were together. Every single day he hounded me about it. I thought about it, but we also argued all the time just because I really wasn't ready for marriage. I also didn't know if I wanted to marry him.

I finally broke it off five months into the relationship. I wasn't in love with him and there was no way I could fall in love with him if he was so impatient, rushing me.

Two Weeks After our Break-up

He started seeing this 17 year old girl from his church. He announces they are going to get married. Why was I not surprised!? I wasn't yet totally over him, but knew he was wrong for me.

The story gets better. He latter breaks up with this girl and dates the girl's mother. He later got married to the girl's mother. Talk about keeping it in the family!

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This was originally posted a few year ago, but I moved it to a more current date.