Monday, October 24, 2011

Some of My Breakup Stories-Ones that Give You Laughs, and/or Ones that Leave Scars (or Both)

I call this Guy "The Runaway"

In high school, I was dating a guy for two weeks, who out of those 14 days had been gone for about eight-because he had stolen an ATV vehicle and had run away from home.

He technically broke up with me first, through another person. However, I was really thinking of breaking up with him, so it didn’t matter, but here is how it happened.

Someone came up to me at the place where we were supposed to meet. I was an hour late (couldn’t find a ride, had to walk to where I was going), and as soon as I arrived someone had told me “[The Runaway] wants to break up with you.”

All I could think of to say was “great!” and was relieved. But, truthfully, I was a little disappointed that he beat me to it. I mean, that was the only reason I had just walked an hour to get to where we were supposed to meet.

It would have given me great satisfaction to tell him I was dumping him because he had ran away from home-something I would never had done (at least not at that time). On the other hand, I was enthralled that he did the dirty work, so I got “off the hook” pretty easily. I didn't have to worry much about whether or not he wanted to be with me.  

An Aside-From Today's Perspective: Now I shouldn't judge, I know....for any teen today who runs away from home...

I would urge you to seek help as soon as possible. Call a hotline, talk to a teach, call a friend's family or someone. However, if you come from a good family and still are running away call home and try to talk to your parents because they love you.

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