Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Some of my Breakup Stories, Continued

Continued from: Some of My Breakup Stories-Ones that Give You Laughs, and/or Ones that Leave Scars (or Both)

A guy I was dating who I will call “John” in high school gave his cousin a note to give to me after school. Okay, in his defense I was ten minutes late meeting him because I was told by my French teacher I had to stay after school and cover my book, but it still hurt.

(Years later I finally did tell him where I was. I have a feeling maybe he thought I was with some other guy and that's why I was late.)

You can read more of the story here (on my J.B.'s Epic Journey blog). 

This was originally posted a few year ago, but I moved it to a more current date. I also revised it to update it.