Monday, October 24, 2011

Don't let him Fool You: Your are Good Enough!

If a guy wants to act like you are just some worthless piece of garbage that is not worth pursuing tell him not to hit the door on the way out. It is not worth it to pine over him if he is not showing much interest in you as a person.

In other words, is not worth it for you to sit there and dwell on a guy who may not be that into you. It is not worth it to keep getting hurt by the same person over and over again either.

None of it is worth it. If he wants you to feel like you are just one of the random women he knows than find someone who does treat you the way you should be treated-with respect and dignity. Find someone who treats you like you are good enough for him, and stay away from the ones who treat you like you are only good enough temporarily.

It's better to be alone than to be with a man who is going to think that he can dog you just to keep you around. He is the first type of guy that you should leave because he does not deserve you. Then, accept dates from someone who shows signs of being more interested in you than in himself.

Watch out too, when you are dating. Some types of guys seem to want to lure you in. They want to make you think they care and as soon as you show signs of caring they dump you. They do this over and over again to just about every woman they meet as well.

It's like a game and do not play it with him. If you notice a man is starting to do this to you dump him, and find someone else. Either that or do not ever let him have you in the first place. You can definitely do much better!

One more thing...

If he tries to lure you into his little web watch yourself. He will do anything to try to get to you. First he will try kindness. Then he will give you the silent treatment or he will wait for you to call/contact him. He will act aloof and disinterested as if you do not matter. That is not the type of guy you should end up with at all.

A guy you need is one who will show you kindness that is sincere, and he will not try to take advantage of you. This person is one who makes conversations with you even if you are not planning to have sex with him. He also is the type of person who will take a woman out only for one reason-because he wants to get to know her.