Sunday, October 30, 2011

Do Plan to Men Dump Women?

I always wondered if some men do what they do intentionally? Do they know a woman they are with is falling for them? Is that why they try to hook women in only to spit them back out again?

I am sure it's not always intentional, as some relationships are really only a one-sided attraction. Still, it seems that some men just have this certain “spell” they place on women. It's as if no matter what a woman cannot resist the man. Before the woman knows it, she falls in love and he dumps her.

He may not even be as sexy or handsome as the next person. However, there is something about his wit, charm, and jokes that makes him stand out. The question is, do some men intentionally try to lure women in? Or is it just an honest attempt at a relationship they just don't want to be in?

I wonder what other people think of this. Do men plan to dump women? Please comment below. (Maybe I should have entitled this "Forget that Jerk" instead of Dump that Jerk.)