Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Some men Just don't Understand what Women Give Up

Some men just don't understand. It seems sometimes that all they think about is themselves. All they can think about is the freedom that they give up to be with a woman. They seem to forget the fact that women also give up quite a bit of freedom to be with them.

And as far as I am concerned, if a man thinks he is promoting a relationship of love and goodwill by having a “my way or the highway” or a “do this or I will leave you” attitude he is mistaken. There is no love in a relationship where a man expects a woman to “conform to his ways” as more than one one man has emphatically suggested I do.

In fact when one man I dated said this to me my response inside my head was, seriously?! I really hope you are joking, because if you serious believe that, then maybe you truly are psycho.

Why I Bring this Up: To Warn other Women

Do not ever let a man think that he has the right to insist you do everything his way. No matter how well off financially he is or no matter how poor he is he has no right. Do not let a man like this brainwash you and take over your whole life. Stand up for yourself ladies!

Otherwise, you will lose who you are. You will become someone you hate and you will resent the person you are with. Stand up for yourself and your rights and if he does not like it let him dump you. That's what I say.

You do not need someone like this because all he is trying to do is get the upper hand. He doesn't love you.

Why I think a man does this: I truly think it is because he does not understand all a that woman has to give up to be with him. Sometimes all he can think about is all the freedom he would lose when being in a relationship, but he does not want to allow the woman the same freedom.

Some men just simply mistaken the "may way or the highway" behavior as a way to "stake his territory" and "stand his ground" when all it is is a form of control. This is not love at all and men (nor women) should act like this.