Wednesday, December 22, 2010

No means No, not Maybe 15 Minutes Later

This is not a major offense. It is just kind of annoying. it can be hard to abandon unhealthy lifestyles when a guy thinks no means 15 minutes later it is okay to try again.

It's not a huge offense such as one where a person would get put in jail. However, it does show that a guy may not have as much respect for himself or women as maybe another guy would.

Maybe guys thing a woman should just outright say "no."

But there are other forms of "no" that it would be nice of guys were more in tune to as well. Here is a list of the ways that women say no to sex that maybe guys need to learn:

"I just want to enjoy the innocence for awhile longer." (Said as a guy is groping you.)

"Not right now."

"I am not ready for this."

A woman could also be non-verbally saying "no" as she pushes his hand away, or as she pulls away. This is a sign she is definitely not ready, or maybe she even wants to try to save herself for the right person. 

Seriously, some people need to be more sensitive. That way, both men and women would be less likely to be trapped in relationships that were probably never meant to be.

Update (10/21/2011):

I add this to the above paragraph: I regretfully admit I had my share of friends with benefits (casual sex) relationships. It never works out very neatly. Either the other person cared more about me or I cared more about him, and vice-versa.

That is the main reason I stopped having casual sex. It is not worth being hurt or having someone else hurt me.