Wednesday, November 24, 2010

You're Tired of Drama eh? So am I!

I hear men say all the time about how they are so tired of drama. I have news for you men. So am I. So are a lot of women. If you have been through what I have been through with men you'd realized that you are half of the problem. The truth is, as sick and tired of drama as you are many women are probably have a very normal and peaceful life for the most part without you in it.

What this is really about: Judgmentalism

A lot of men want to judge me and they want to be very hard on me. And you know what? The only reason they do it is because they cannot stand themselves! They want to focus on a woma'ns problems and everything that is wrong with her but they do not want to seem to just take a good look at themselves and deal with their own issues.

Men have to just stop depending on Women!

Men often look to a woman to be their rock. This leads to them falling apart if things do not go as planned for them. And the sad thing is some men are probably never going to learn. They are always going to depend on a woman more than they should just because they are needy, desperate, lonely, and just have the poorest self-esteem on the face of the planet.

I'm not dealing with you any more!

This is a message to all the men in the world who complain to much about women. You are the one filled with drama and you need to deal with it. Otherwise, you are definitely not the one for me.