Friday, November 26, 2010

Nice Girls (and Guys) Finish Last-So I'm Not so Nice!

Nice girls finish last I hear. That is no different than the nice guys. You wanna know what I decided to do ever since I found out nice girls finish last just as much as nice guys do.???

Well...I decided I'm not going to be so nice any more! Why should I? All that happens to nice girls is they get taken advantage of or they get overlooked. Not many guys seem to notice them or care about them. 

This could be for a variety of reasons, such as maybe some nice girls are shy, quiet, and un-talkative. However, sometimes it is because they just do not want to give into doing what other people would do. 

They are also sometimes seemingly less boring just because they have fewer skeletons in the closet. Sometimes they are just total doormats. 

Now...the above mainly is a vent of frustration based on the way men choose women to date.

Really what it is is this...

I hear horror story after horror story about the liars and the cheaters who get the house, who get the kids, who get every thing they want. And why? Why I ask? Apparently it's because nice girls (or women) are just too boring. Or if they aren't nice or perfect at least they are honest but that is still not good enough.

Guys often want what they want but in the end they have nothing left to give apparently. Nothing left to give to an honest woman who probably would have loved them and not taken them for granted.

Nice girls often end up all alone just because they don't want to take advantage of anyone.

 What good did being nice ever do for her? Where is her reward? Where is her destiny? 

Where is her night and shining armour? However, the nice act of some females will not last forever. Sooner or later they will erupt with anger and realize they no longer want to feel used. 

Nice guys have that problem too...

Nice guys finish last because they also are often considered too boring. The problem is that they think they have it all. But what some of them really do not have is personality. Some of them do not even know how to have a conversation with a woman. 

And they complain all the time about their boring jobs and their boring lives and never have anything interesting to say. It's that or maybe they are just too much of a prude or a saint-not doing anything that other people would do. Even if this is the case, it is not their fault that they often get taken advantage of in many ways when dating. 

The Perfect Solution

The perfect remedy would be a combination of niceness and assertiveness. For me I think the ideal guy that is nice enough and honest but also is interesting enough to me that he has something that would attract me enough to him to want to choose him as a mate. I would never expect him to be a total doormat, and I will never be a total doormat either.