Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Classic Male Double Standard-An Attitude that Must Go!

I have something on my mind. That is, in a perfect world perhaps everyone would have waited until marriage before having sex. However, the fact remains that many people in this world could not wait until they were married, myself included.

As far as that is concerned no one should be judged, and I personally think everyone should look inside themselves to decide whether it is right or wrong. After all, I am not here to preach. I often have regrets and think that I wish I had waited. But you cannot take back what is already done.

The above is my introduction to my opinion about what is known as the classic male double standard...

Certain males I know give me the impression that they are searching for some virgin girl to hook up with even though they themselves may possibly have a very tainted sexual past. Is it fair? In my opinion, not really.

I wonder sometimes why men do this. Why do men expect the women they are with to be any more sexually pure than they are? I wonder sometimes if it is because they are looking to a woman to be his Savior rather than Jesus.

I am saying this because everyone of us is on a journey. Everyone of us has done things that maybe later on we wish we had not done. I mainly wish I had not done what I did at times because guys used to respect more before I ever had sex.

Still, some of the men that do not respect women they have sex with are filled with the double standard that it is perfectly acceptable for them to engage in promiscuous behavior but it's horrible if the women do it. I have confronted men on this issue because more than one of them clearly conveyed the message that it is "different for men" when it comes to sleeping around.

My conclusion concerning men and the classic male double standard...

Men have to stop being so judgmental of women. They have to stop looking for a human female to be his Savior and just look to God. After all, us women have our own issues as much as men to when it comes to being afraid of being hurt and being afraid of being rejected.

We also (right or wrong) have had our share of curiosity and our share of wanting to "sow our wild oats." Here is a point for men to ponder: If you can't respect us then why would you try to sleep with us?