Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Beware of the one who Wants a Second Chance

Beware of the ones who beg you for a chance. I mean, they can be genuine
people but you still need to put your guard up. Also, in the event of your
gut feeling saying it is a wrong decision then go with it.

In the mean time remember that anyone can act all nice, sweet, kind, attentive,
and supportive if they think you are willing to dish out what they want. But
beware in that once you let a questionable person back in, that individual might not be
so nice, kind, attentive, and supportive once you are right where that person wants you.

Use your best judgement, but always beware of the one who begs for a second chance. Forgiveness is necessary, but being a doormat is not.

Update on 10/13/2009:

I already mentioned about the one who begs for a chance when I first posted this
blog entry. It can seem flattering and make you feel very special that someone seems
so apologetic.

However, remember also that underneath it all lies a very needy and insecure
individual. It is nice to be liked but keep your guard up at least until you
know the person can be trusted. Otherwise, you could end up feeling used all
over again.