Friday, June 12, 2009

On a Lighter Note: Women, Feelings, and Sex

On a much lighter note the ironic thing I can say to men that they sometimes
may not understand. Women are less likely to get sexually involved with a man if they
actually have feelings for him. To a man this seems perhaps highly illogical
who knows? Or maybe in some ways they do understand.

All I can say is that when I had feelings for a person there is much more to
lose than if I did not. And, then if something happens as a woman is not
thinking about it (per my experience of the beginning of one of my
relationships) then what happens is very complicated. I myself have
developed feelings for at least one person I never intended to be in a
long-term relationship with.

That in itself is kind of hard to deal with. It's like waking up and realize
you had stupidly when to a drunken Vegas wedding ceremony and got hitched.
Only in this case there is no reason to get the relationship annulled and sometimes
 it is the feelings of attachment that cause a person to hang on.