Friday, June 12, 2009

The Nerve of Some People (Guys who treat women like dirt)

The nerve of some people! I am speaking about the guys who treat women like
dirt. They often take women for granted in their younger years and then one day they start
complaining about all these horrible things a woman has done to them.

Oftentimes, I hear men saying how they are afraid of being heartbroken. They sometimes
forget that women get their heart broken too.

I don't wish any harm on anyone who has truly changed. But if a person
has not, then all I can say is he (or she if it is a female) has was was
coming to them in some way. Meaning, if a man has been heartbroken
by a woman recently, maybe he should think about how he used to treat women
when he was younger.

Update 10/13/2009:

I must admit that I struggle with wanting one or more of my exes to be happy. I
suppose part of it could be the fact that I may not be completely over one person.
It could also be because if that person is happy then why not me?

I think it's because I sometimes with that a person could be not so hard on me and be happier with me when he is with me, and I don't want to blame myself for all the relationship failures I have had. I have grown weary from trying so hard too, and became very tired of rejection after awhile.