Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Healthy View of Past Relationships

I will tell you that the way I view my past relationships is that there was
probably a window of opportunity in at least two of them in which they could
have worked out. However, of course there is this such thing as "free will"
either on my end or the other person's end.

In other words, if I would have been in a situation where both me and the
other person would have wanted the same thing at the same time (not just me
or not just that person) it would have worked out. But, that is not how it
happened. So, I guess I just made my choice the best I saw fit.

Other than that...I have no further explanation, except that I usually
remain in a relationship as long as possible with a person if I think there
is a chance with that individual. And, I usually give it a considerable
about of time.

But then... I just let it go. However, I usually end a relationship after a
short time if I don't think it is right for either me or the other person.

Update 10/13/2011

It can be frustrating to end yet another relationship that is not meant to be. It can be as equally frustrating to have to keep letting go of people I care about. However, I haven't quite given up hope. I still believe "The One" is out there and I hope that I do meet him or find out who it is before I totally make a fool and liar out of myself, preaching to others about destiny.