Monday, May 4, 2009

You have to earn the right to make demands on me!

I hear all the time about how women should not make any demands on a man if
they do not want to scare that man away. Well, I think that a man has to
earn the right to make any demands on me!

I mean, are you going to insist that I don't call any of my ex-boyfriends
but then you don't have any plans for you and me to be together? Are you
going to insist that I stop dating others but when I ask you if you love me
you can't respond?

Are you going to fidget and fuss when a woman mentions the "C" word (commitment)
 and then expect her to want to be by your side? I do agree that a woman should do her
part by being patient with a man...but still!

It works both ways. Besides, you should realize that the same women you are
doubting are probably also having doubts about you. In fact, for one reason a man has for not wanting to be with me I can think of at least five for not wanting to be with him.

Remember that. And also remember that it is far likely that she can find
many people better looking and smarter than you if you don't really want to
be with her. In that case, you should learn to not take her for granted.