Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Not-so-Nice Breakup Letter

Originally written: 4/2001, Revised: 10/13/2011

Dear Loved One,

This is a not-so-nice break up letter, but I didn't write it to hurt you, and I don't hate you. You can
take this any way you like, as perhaps it won't seem very nice, as sometimes the truth hurts...

I have decided that it is best for me not to get into a relationship with
anyone until I am financially stable. I think that my involvement in
relationships is actually slowing me down vocationally. Therefore, I need to
put relationships on hold until I feel secure enough in myself and confident
enough about who I am as a person.

Then, and only then, will I then allow someone back into my life. Then, and
only then, will I respect someone who uses every excuse in the book such as
"love takes time" and "love is more than words" and all the host of other
supposedly wise cliches.

Oh yeah...and my favorite excuse of all is "you gotta love your self before
you can love anyone else." Who are you to lecture me about love especially
if you have been using me for as long as you have? 

I do love myself-at least enough to know that you are sometimes full of
excuses. Maybe you need a major emotional cleansing, not me! Maybe you are the
problem not me.

Have a nice life, I hope to see you around.