Friday, January 9, 2009

My own Stupidity makes me Sad

I realized the past few weeks that it is easier to talk about what others did to me rather than what I did to them, or myself. I realize I should have at times walked away from situations before I lost my self-respect. But I chose to stay and that is not the other person's fault.

My own stupidity makes  me sad. I wished that I could say that I was never to blame for why some of my relationships did not work out. But I do feel sad because even though none of those relationships were meant to be I know I contributed 50% or more to the failure of them.

This is what else I can think of to say about this:

Dear Special Someone,

I used to complain a lot. However, perhaps you were really the one who had the right to complain not me. If I was not happy I should have never tried to change you or control you. Instead, I should have just taken a good look at myself.

So, now I just do what I have to do to take care of myself. I must leave you in hopes that you and I both will have a better future and a more rewarding relationship-most likely with other people rather than each other.

I hereby declare myself partially responsible for the demise of our relationship. I hereby declare that I am letting you go because I know it would be harmful for the both of us if I stayed.