Friday, January 9, 2009

"I have always been nice to you." by Bekky Dorri

by Bekky Dorri

Bekky Dorri is my name and I am "honky dorrry." I like to make fun of men who are just is not even a word for some of them. I don't mean to bash all men, just the ones that I have had a relationship with.

This guy gave me a bouquet of wildflowers for absolutely no reason and I was so taken away by it. He could have asked me to marry him and I would have said yes. However, two days later that seeding resentment arose to the surface.

So, I called him up and asked him, "How come you are always so nice to be every time we break up."

That right there can really clue you in on the nature of our relationship. 

"I have always been nice to you," he piously responds. 

"Yeah!" I snickered. "In a superficial kind of way, I will give you that."

Okay, so that was bordering on rude, but as far as I am concerned it was the truth. He would always take me for granted and always treat me like I was worthless. He was not overtly abusive in any way, but he was so belittling. He always watched me like a hawk and never seemed to believe I could do anything right.

What a jerk. That is all I can say.