Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 Dating Resolutions

I hereby declare a list of dating resolutions for the year 2009. I will for one do/not do the following:

  • I will N.O.T. tell a man "I love you" before he says it to me! I made that mistake once (okay maybe twice...alright it was...3-no 4 times!!!) 
  • I will only give to the relationship as much as I want to give-if I decide to give anything to it at all! 
  • I will not let a man play on my sympathy just so he can use that as an excuse to be lazy. 
  • I will of course try to accept love if I see that it exists. 
  • I will not drag on a relationship that is not meant to be. (Okay that will be hard.) 
  • If I "must" hang out with an ex for whatever reason, it will be when it is convenient for me.