Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wanna Know how He Feels? Ask Him to Meet your Mom!

You know how a guy really feels about you when you ask him to meet your mom. In fact, it is fun to watch him squirm in his pants when you say,

"Would you like to come over to my mom's for Thanksgiving?" or when you ask him, "Would you like to meet my mom?"

His reaction of enthusiasm or lack thereof will clue you in a little on how sure he is about you and him being together. There are obvious exceptions to this, such as if you just got together a week ago or you are just in the process of repairing a broken relationship with someone that you know from your past.

However, a guy can even claim he loves you and say he wants to marry you and yet still be squeamish about it. I have wondered for a long time if I should let this fact get me down-or if I should let a guy get away with being so lazy in a relationship.

True, anybody can be nervous about meeting the other family. However, I truly believe if a guy really cares about you he would conquer those fears.