Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Men (and Women) Have it So Backwards

Men (and women too) often have it so backwards regarding sex, intimacy, and women. They seem to put a higher value on a hot woman or man who can show them a good time in the bedroom than they would one who they could bring home to their mom.

Sometimes women are also the very same way. They seem to be attracted to the lying, cheating player but bring them a nice person and what do they do-dump that guy and return to the loser. Regarding this, I wonder does anybody value true love any more?  I know I am no exception to this, as I am writing this as much for myself as well as others.

Backwards Sexuality

Most people-either men or women seem to have hotter sex with practical strangers. But when it comes to the woman (or men) they say they are in love with (what a joke) they think of that person as practically asexual. I wonder why is that?

How fair is that to a woman or man looking for true love? Not very in my book! It sometimes is so frustrating for me as well as a persons of the opposite sex (to me that would be  a man).  With that in mind I have a question for men and women both.

For men: If it is true that men supposedly would like to be with a woman who really likes sex a lot then why do they always treat a woman like that as a total whore?

For Women: If you really are sick of being disrespected over and over again by a man why do you keep giving your self to the ones that do not care about you at all? (Okay, I am one to talk but point well taken I hope. You will find that out later on as you read this post.)

The Way it Should Be (Yea Right!)

Why can't people realize that love comes in a package. I want to be with my best friend sexually. I want to do the wildest, kinkiest stuff in bed with my friend for life-way more than I would with a total stranger. However, I must admit that just like most of you I have learned this the hard way.

I am a little ashamed to admit I have tried, in fact, to have casual sex that could have been very hot but was not. This man I barely know wanted me to do all these sexual things with him and I did not even really enjoy it that much. The main reason why I didn't is because I didn't know him or trust him well enough to have built a bond for me to feel more free with him.

In fact, I regret it because I know that I could not call what I did with that man intimacy, although it was sexual. On the other hand, when it was with someone who I knew I loved I felt closer to that person before, during and after (or at least usually after).

For Men: Why men why? Did you ever consider the possibility that if you actually loved and appreciated the woman you are with (as imperfect as she is) that your sex like would be so much hotter than with a stranger? Not to mention it would be a lot safer! No more STD tests for you if you could  just appreciate the value of intimacy over random sex. This goes for women too by the way.

For Women: Why Women Why? Why continue to waste your time with men who don't care about you? Even if you claim to enjoy random, casual sex remember it is not going to get you any closer to marriage with a man. Sex to him is not going to always make him fall in love with you no matter how great you are at it.

I realize the concept of true intimacy versus just hot sex is quite easier said than done. That's why I added "yeah right" in parenthesis above. However, who says you cannot have both? Think about it. I know that is what I intend to do. My ultimate goal is to have the hottest sex with my best friend in the whole wide world, and that would be the person I am married to.