Sunday, November 2, 2008

Maybe It's Just Me, Not You

I often see how resistant you are to loving me.  However, I still sit here and think about some of the things we have in common and wonder why I couldn't think about those things more clearly after I made the decision to leave you again.

On the other hand, I wonder why I took so long to realize the affection, kisses, and longing looks of love that I had all along-before I ever met you. That other love what I went back to, and if you could only realize why I went back to that person for awhile perhaps you and I could have something really great.

On the other hand, maybe its just me, not you. Perhaps you were the one who really loved me and I never loved you. However, I am sitting here thinking of how much I love you and realizing that what I really want is just for love to not be a dirty word.

On the other hand, maybe I am the reason you are hesitant to love me. Either that or because of my indecision you are hesitant to trust me. Either way maybe it is me and not you.