Friday, November 28, 2008

I Won't Expect Much From Him

This is a further explanation of a section of Never Make Someone Your Priority Who thinks of You as an Option. I won't expect much from him (a man). I don't care how much that person may profess how much he loves me, wants to marry me, and so on.

I can explain further by saying that I believe love is in both words and actions, and not just words. If a man says he loves you he better best be able to prove it. (Believe me it would be hard to be with a person who doesn't know if he loves me and cannot tell me he does. However, it is just as hard for a man to tell me he loves me and doesn't really know if he means it.)

However, in the mean time if he considers me only an option-and it shows in his actions-I won't expect much from him. In turn, he best better know he then has no right to expect much from me!

As I said in other posts, I will not invest more into a person emotionally than they are willing to invest in me. If I see no actions to back up his words, or if I see no words and no actions I eventually have to move on.